Aaliyah – Miss You tab

tabbed by: qweyet Gi

Note: Verse 3, strum
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Bbmaj Dm7 Cm7 Ebmaj7 Gme|----1------5----3----x-------3-----|B|----3------6----4----8-------3-----|G|----3------5----3----7-------3-----|D|----3------7----5----8-------3-----|A|----1------5----3----6-------5-----|E|----x------x----x----x-------3-----|
Melody Riff - played for all parts except Verse 3 Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------3-------6-------6----------------3-------6------------------------|G|------3-------5-------5-------3-3------3-------5------5-5------3-3-------|D|-----3-------7-------7-------5--------3-------7------7--------5----------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: (play two times) Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 Ooh...Ooh. Hey...ey...ey...ey. N,n,n,n,no,no,no Chorus: Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 It's been too long and I'm lost without you Bbmaj Dm7 What am I gonna do Dm7 Cm7 Said I've been needin' you (Said I'm needin' you), wantin' you Bbmaj Dm7 Wonderin' if you're the same and Dm7 Cm7 Who's been with you Bbmaj Dm7 Is your heart still mine Cm7 I wanna cry sometimes Cm7 I miss you Verse 1: Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Off to college Cm7 Yes you went away Bbmaj Dm7 Straight from highschool Dm7 Cm7 You up and left me Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 We were close friends also lovers Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 Did everything for one another Bbmaj Dm7 Now you're gone Dm7 Cm7 And I'm lost without you here now Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 But I know I gotta live and make it somehow Bridge: Bbmaj Dm7 Come back to me(to me) Dm7 Cm7 Can you hear me (callin') Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 Hear me callin' for you (for you) 'Cause... [Chorus] Verse 2: Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Now I'm sittin' here Cm7 Thinkin' 'bout you Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 And the days we used to share Bbmaj It's drivin' me crazy Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 I don't know what to do Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 I'm just wonderin' if you still care Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 And I don't want to let you know Cm7 that it's killin' me Bbmaj Dm7 I know you got another life Dm7 Cm7 And gotta concentrate baby [Bridge] [Chorus] [Chorus] Verse 3: Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I(I miss you) Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 Bbmaj Dm7 Dm7 Cm7 I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I Ebmaj7 Dm7 Cm7 I can't breathe no more Gm Since you went away Ebmaj I don't really feel like talkin' Dm7 Don't want to hear you don't love me Cm7 Baby do you understand me Gm I can't do a thing wihtout you [Chorus]
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