Aaron Carter – Im All About You chords

Hi there!

This is a very simple version to play the song!

Capo on the 1st or any fret that fit best with your voice!

=== === === 

F G AmThere's somethin' I've got to say
F GYou're always with me
C Even though, you're far away
F G AmTalkin to you on my cell
FJust the sound of your voice
EMakes my heart melt
F GOh girl, well it's true
CI'm all about you
GI'm all about us
FNo baby, you never
GHave to question my love
CAnd every night
Gthere's a new crowd
F GBut it's always you I'm singing about
AmThere is only one
G FThese words are going out to
G COh girl, I'm all about you
=== === === Same progression for the rest of the song!
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