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Aaron Cox – Walk Away chords

A# D#If I was a painter, I'd throw away my brush
Cm FAnd if I was a fighter, I'd hang up my gloves
A# D# And if I was a magician, I'd give away my secrets
Cm FIf I was the only witness, I'd swear to forget.
A#See, I'd give it all up
D#to go back to before I fell in love.
Cm FTo the first time that I saw your pretty face
and turn and walk away...
A# D#If I was the night sky, I'd give away my stars
Cm FAnd if I was the sunshine I would gladly go dark.
A# D#If I was king of the jungle, I would give up my throne
Cm FIf I was Ceasar Augustus, I would surrender Rome.
[Chorus] [Bridge]
A# D#Should've walk away, should've walk away
Cm FShould've walk way, should've away
A# D#Could've walk away, could've walk away
Cm D#Should've walk away, could've walk away, could've walk away
DmShouldn't of let it get that far,
CmNow I'm all torn apart
FHow I wish I could erase you.....
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