Abba – One Of Us tab

SONG: One Of Us
Chords by Gary Anderson

G  G/F#  Em  G/D  C  E+  Am
A7/C#  G/D  G  Am/D  D7  G

G                Gmaj7  Bm                   Esus4  Em7/D
  They passed me by     all of those great roman----ces. 
C            Bm           Cmaj9    C         Dsus4  D
  You were I felt robbing me of my rightful chances. 
G            Gmaj7  Bm                   Em  Em7/D   C
  My picture clear, everything seemed so ea--sy, 
         Bm                         Em
and so I dealt you the blow, one of us had to go. 
Am                  Am7/G           D
Now it's different, I want you to know. 

             G       G/F#         Em    Em7/D         C    Esus4  E  Am 
One of us is crying, one of us is lying in her lonely bed. 
A/G            D        C               D                 G   Em  C   
Staring at the ceiling, wishing she was somewhere else instead. 
D            G       G/F#         Em   Em7/D         C    E+  Am  
One of us is lonely, one of us is only waiting for a call. 
             A7/C#          G/D
Sorry for herself, feeling stupid, feeling small, 
Am/D                          D
wishing she had never left at all.

I saw myself as a concealed attraction.
I felt you kept me away from the heat and the action.
Just like a child, stubborn and misconceiving.
That's how I started the show, one of us had to go.
Now I've changed and I want you to know.

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