Abrek – As Long As I Have Breath chords

Intro:|F#m |D  |A  |E  |x4

F#m DEach breathe I take
AIn my life each day
E I know that I need you
F#m DI feel in my hearth
AThat I need to say
EI can´t live without you
F#m DMy desire everyday
AThe one that I praise
E D ( E )use it when you go to the chorus)Only you my Lord
AI don't want to breathe without you
E F#m DAnd I will never leave you
A EAnd I will hold on stronger to you
F#m DEveryday
A EAs long as I have breath
F#m DYou are all will I praise
A E DInpouring all my soul I will worship you
Bridge:|A |E |F#m |D |x4
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