Ace Of Base - Allways Have Allways Will chords

Yeah, I know... "allways" is "always"
Couldn't manage to correct it   :(

Capo 1st fret

Intro: A F#m Bm F#m E Ooooh, Always have, always will
AI was mesmerised when I first met you
I wouldn't let myself believe
F#mThat you could step right out of my wildest dreams
BmBut you didn't know
EThat secret part of me
Bm Bm7 E A EUntil we kissed and made it open up so easily
AI always have (Even when it didn't show)
F#mI always will
BmYou know that I just wanna touch you
EWhenever you're close to me
AI always have (Doesn't matter where we go)
F#mI always will
BmYou know that I just wanna show you
EJust how much you mean to me
Same stuff as intro
AEverything that you give in to
Everything you'll ever need
F#mIs locked up somewhere deep inside of me
BmAnd you gotta know
EBut more importantly
Bm Bm7 E A EYou've got to stay and hold me while we live this fantasy
Repeate Chorus
A F#m Sometimes we try too hard to please
A F# We should have let love come naturally
F#7 BmAnd sometimes I don't know
EJust what you really do to me
BmThat is okay
Bm7 E'Cause it's all part of the mystery
Repeate Chorus Same stuff as intro (again) >:-D
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