Acoustic Sin - Away tab

This is The secret song on the Of Four Corners cd.I'm a big fan of An Acoustic Sin!!!!
The band is from my hometown...they kick ass!!!
It is in standard tuning--EBGDAE--

P= pull off
H=hammer on
/=slide up
\=slide down
~=let note ring

C Am DmE|---------------------------------------1h3p1-------3---1------------|B|---------1--------------1---------------------3-----------0---------|G|-------------0----------------2-------------------------------------|D|----------------2----------------0-----0-----------0----------------|A|---------3--------3--2--0-------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
C Am Dm EmE|---------------------------------------1h3p1---------3--------------------------|B|---------1--------------1----------------------3---------3----------------------|G|-------------0----------------2------------------------------2---------0--------|D|----------------2----------------0-----0-------------0----------0------2--------|A|---------3--------3--2--0-----------------------------------------0----2--------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------0--------|
(These are the chords for the middle part....just pick de chords...I don't know the exact picking.) G D Em No words can heal,the pain in that room ... G D Em No song could sooth,their wounds,I assumed... G D Em As i knelt down to pray,I asked god to bless her soul... G D Take care of her three sons,don't let her death take a second toll... (This part of the tune is not exactly right...but you get the idea!) But I found a way,no mistakes...
C Am DmE|---------------------------------------1-------------3---1----------|B|---------1--------------1---------------------3------------0--------|G|-------------0----------------2------------------2------------------|D|----------------2----------------0-----0-------------0--------------|A|---------3--------3--2--0-------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Just take peoples pain,sing a song in their sake...
C Am DmE|----------------------------------------1-------------3---1---------|B|---------1----------------1-------------------3---------------0-----|G|-------------0----------------2------------------2------------------|D|----------------2----------------0-----0-------------0--------------|A|---------3--------3--2--0-------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
and they may all sing,and for that moment they'll feel true
C Am DmE|---------------------------------------1-------------3---1----------|B|---------1--------------1---------------------3--------------0------|G|-------------0----------------2------------------2------------------|D|----------------2----------------0-----0-------------0--------------|A|---------3--------3--2--0-------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Hate,i'll absorb all their pain,and then I I I'll throw me away.
C Am Dm CE|----------------------------------------1h3p1-------3--------------------0-------|B|---------1--------------1------------------------3-------3---------------1-------|G|-------------0----------------2------------------------------2-----------0-------|D|----------------2----------------0-----0------------0----------0---------2-------|A|---------3--------3--2--0-----------------------------------------0------3-------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Strumming Starts here) Em G D Em Later a friend we all new,oh his life went astray...(i don't know the real lyrics to that part?!?!) Em G D Em It was a parylising crash, oh yes they survived for today.... Em G D Em I never even got to see him,i don't think that I could even look... Em G D One thing I know for certain,a chapter ended in his book... (This part is played with Stephen and Ronnie...Stephen is picking the chords and Ronnie is just strumming just play around with it and you'll get it) C Am Dm G But I found a way, mistakes C Am Dm G Just take peoples pain,sing a song in their sake... C Am Dm G And they will all sing, for that moment they will feel true .... C Am Dm G Hate,I'll absorb all their pain,and then I I I'll throw me away. (Now here comes the solo) (Again...This is not 100% probably has some errors in it)
G D Em I seem to remember a time,when this life did not live... G D Em When our souls were free and had so much to give... G D Em There was tremendous tears,but it kept our love a saint.. (I have no clue what he says at the end) G D It help us fight off this thing called fear away... (Stephen picks this part) C Am Dm G But I found away, mistakes C Am Dm G Just take peoples pain,sing a song in their sake... C Am Dm G And they will all sing, for that moment they will feel true .... C Am Dm G Hate,I'll absorb all their pain,and then I I I'll throw me away. (Stephen still picks the chords...but Ronnie starts with the strumming) C Am Dm G I found away, mistakes man... C Am Dm G Just take peoples pain,sing a song in their sake... C Am Dm G And they will all sing, for that moment they will feel true .... C Am Dm G Hate,I'll absorb all their pain,and then I I I'll throw me away. C Am Dm G I'll absorb all their pain,...............and then I I I'll throw me away. (Do this part Two times)
C~~~ Amen. If you have any comments or any problems with the tune..e-mail me at This was my first time Iactually posted some tabs!!!!
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