Adam Green – Can You See Me chords

F: 133211
Am: x02210
Bb: x13331
Gm: 355333
Cm: x35543
Dm: x57765
Eb: x68886
F7: 131211

Fingerpick the intro and verse chords like this-

Intro:F Am Bb Gm Bb Cm Dm Ebe-----1---1-----0---0----------------------------------------------------------6--|B-------1---------1-------3---3-------3---3--------3---3-----4---4-----6---6---8--|G---2---------2-------------3-----------3------------3---------5---------7-----8--|D-----------------------3-----------5------------3---------5---------7---------8--|A-----------0---------1---------0------------0-1---------3---------5-----------6--|E-1-------------------------------3--------3-----------------------------------x--|
Bb F Gm Eb Bb Dm F Bbe---------------1---1------------6--------------------------------|B-----3---3-------1-------3---3--8------3---3-----6---6-----------|G-------3-----2-------------3----8--------3---------7-------------|D---3-------------------5--------8----3---------7---------0-------|A-1------------------------------6--1---------5---------3---3--1--|E-----------1---------3----------x--------------------------------|
F Am Bb GmIn a town, in a city, in an eyeball, on a rock
Bb Cm Dm EbIn a fence where a goat was alone by himself
Bb F Gm EbThere was a boy Who was there
Bb Dm F BbA boy who built a snowman out of himself
F Am Bb GmI've been popping out of closets in robin hood suits
Bb Cm Dm EbI've been spotted in pictures with Navy recruits
Bb F Gm EbLook at your costume you know that it's true
Bb Dm F BbAny one could pop in as you
F Am Bb GmTry to untie your lips but they were double knotted
Bb Cm Dm EbI tried to break into you brain but all the entrances were rotted
Bb F Gm EbIf the moon had minute hands it would have meant a lot
Bb Dm F Bb (strum)But God would have made the moon as a clock.
(strum chords)
BbLook, look, look at me doing this
F7Look, look, look at me doing that
Gm F7Look, look, look at the way that i am
Bbbye bye bye to the crazy ones
F7bye bye bye to the crazy ones
Gm F7bye bye bye to the crazy ones
BbLook, look, look at me doing this
F7Look, look, look at me doing that (2x)
Gm F7Look, look, look at the way that i am
(under heavy feedback and distortion) Look, look, look at me doing this Look, look, look at me doing that Look, look, look at the way that i am (one strum per chord for the rest of the song)
BbBut if everybody was the best
F7There would be so few of the rest
GmOh the places where you've never been
F7Oh the world was just a baby then
BbA million ways you learn to cry
F7When the boy's little waves pass you by
GmOh never to be there again
F7Oh the children where so old-fashioned then
BbCoffins decked out on the street
F7Who's the stranger with the purple feet?
GmDon't i remember him from somewhere
F7before his feet lost his hair?
BbBut if everyone is coffin-bound
F7Then i'm so scared of being not around
GmI'm so scared to never make a sound
F7I'm so scared of being underground
Bb F BbCan you see me
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