Addie Pray – Installation Art chords

Intro: D A x2

Verse 1:
D A place that I
Adon’t know now
D Imprinted in
Amy footsteps
D And when I put
Amy foot down here
it’s been a year
DBut lately it
Afeels like forever
Chorus 1:
EmI guess I always
Dthought you’d be
Athere waiting for me
Verse 2:
D The pieces of your
A Dpostcard Now nothing
Amore than installation
Dart An homage to the
Adetachment that I tried
Dto feign when really
AI think I fell apart
Chorus 2:
EmAnd my inclination
Dalways gets the
Abest of me
Verse 3:
DSo maybe I could
Abe less angry
Now that I’ve
Dforgotten the way
Ayou used to look
Dat me And you will
forget me in new
Aplaces And I’ll put
Dthings in boxes and
Amemorize new faces
Chorus 3:
EmAnd I’m sorry I was
D Anervous all the time
DDo you think that
I could make it better if I
Apromised to love
you forever? (Repeat x4)
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