Adventure Time Marceline - Im Just Your Probelm chords

Em BmSorry I don't treat you like a goddess
C GIs that what you want me to do?
Em BmSorry I don't treat you like you're perfect
C GLike all your little loyal subjects do
Em B7Sorry I'm not made of sugar
C GAm I not sweet enough for you?
Em BmIs that why you always avoid me?
C GThat must be such an inconvenience to you
C7 B7Well, I'm just your problem
Em Cmaj7I'm just your problem
C7 B7It's like I'm not even a person, am I?
Em Cmaj7I'm just your problem
Em Bm C GWell,I----- shouldn't have to justify what I do
Em Bm C GI----- shouldn't have to prove anything to you
Em Bm C GI'm sorry that I exist, I forget what landed me on your black list
Em Bm C GBut I----- shouldn't have to be the one that makes up with you
C7 B7So, why do I want to?
Em Cmaj7Why do I want to...
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