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Aerosmith – Fly Away From Here tab

Fly away from here
Tabbed by: Mariano Arnaiz
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e-------------0-0-----|B--0----0-----2--2----|G--1---1------2---2---| x2D--2--2-------2-------|A--2----------0-------|E--0------------------|
Verse 1 E G#m Gotta find a way, yeah I can't wait another day A Am Ain't nothing gonna change, If we stay round here E G#m Gotta do what it takes, Cause it's all in our hands A Am C#m We all make mistakes, but it's never too late, to start again B A C#m B A Take another breath, and say another prayer To make a nice effect play the chords like this. You can also pick some notes to make effect but be sure of repeat enough times to fill the space between the chords
E G#m A Am C#m Be--0---4----0----0----4-----2--|B--0---4----2----1----5-----4--|G--1---4----2----2----6-----4--|D------------------------------|A----------0----0----4-----2---|E-0---4------------------------|
Chorus E G#m A Fly, away from here, anywhere, Am I don't care, we'll just E G#m A Fly, away from here, our hopes and dreams Am are out there somewhere C#m B A E? Am A Won't let time pass us by, we'll just flyyyyyyyy Alter the chorus
e-------------0-0--------|B--0----0-----2----2-----|G--1---1------2--2-------| x1D--2--2-------2----------|A--2----------0----------|E--0---------------------|Verse 2 (The same chords and effects than the first)
Is this life? It's even harder now There ain't no never mind, you got me by your side And any time you want, yeah we can catch a train And find a better life, cause we won't let nothing or no one keep gettin' us down Pre-chorus B A Baby you and I C#m B A Can pack our bags and hit the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Chorus Bridge B A Do you see a bluer sky now? You can have a better life now G A C#m Open your eyes B A No one here can ever stop us, they can try but we won't let them G A E No wayyyyyyyyyyyy E A D G B e C#m ( for this one play like this 9 11 11 9 9 9) B A C#m B A Baby you and I, Can pack our bags and say Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee E G#m A Am Then Fly, Away from here, Anywhere, yeah I don't care E G#m A Am We just Fly, Away from here, our hopes and dreams are out there somewhere E G#m A Am Flyyyyyyyyy, Away from here, yeah, anywhere, baby I don't, I don't, I don't careeeeeeeee Solo
A Am We'll just flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy End
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