Aerosmith – Blind Man tab

Blind Man

{sot} E-F#-A E-F#-D E-F#-A E-F#-D E-F#-e---------------------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------------G-----2---------------7--------------2-------------7------------D-----2---------------7--------------2-------------7------------A-----0---------------5--------------0-------------5------------E-0-2-------------0-2------------0-2-----------0-2---------0-2--{eot}
[A]I took a course in Halle[D]lujah [A] I went to night school for the [D]blues [A] I took some stuff they said would [D]cool ya, heh hah [A] But nothing seemed to light my [D]fuse But it's all[F#m] in the pas[B]t like a che[D]ck that's in the mai[E]l She was a tall w[F#m]hiskey glass[B] I was an old[D] hound dog that just loved to chase his tai[E]l Until I met a blin[D]d man wh[A]o taught[E] me how to see, y[B]eah [D] A blind [A]man who could [E]change night into day And if-a [D]I can[A], I'm gonna mak[E]e you come with me,[B] yeah Cause a-her[D]e comes the sun and we'll be chasin' all the clouds away
{sot} E-F#-A E-F#-D E-F#-A E-F#-D E-F#-+---------------------------------------------------------------+---------------------------------------------------------------+-----2---------------7--------------2-------------7------------+-----2---------------7--------------2-------------7------------+-----0---------------5--------------0-------------5------------+-0-2-------------0-2------------0-2-----------0-2---------0-2-- Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yee yeah yeah
A E-F#-D F#m+---------------------------------------------------------------+---------------------------------------------------------------+-2-----------------------------7-------------------------------+-2-----------------------------7-------4-----------------------+-0-----------------------------5-------4-----------------------+---------------------------0-2---------2----------------------- I've had some lovers like a joy ride{eot}
[B] Some thing are never what they [E]seem[F#] [A] My heaven's turned into a l[D]andslid[F#m]e [B] Thank God I woke up from that dr[A]eam[G] I met a b[D]lind man[A] who tau[E]ght me how to see[B], yeah [D] Blind [A]man who could [E]change night into day And if-a [D]I can[A], I'm gonna mak[E]e you come with me,[B] yeah Because a-h[D]ere comes the sun and we'll be chasin' all the clouds away [E] So please chase [F#m]harder and [E]drink all the flowers [D]dry We'll be sav[E]in' us a little money[F#m] And if tha[G]t doesn't do it, yeah, I know the reason why[A] Don't make no sense lightin' candles, ah [D] [B] There's too much moonlight in your [A]eyes [G] I met a b[E]lind man[B] who tau[F#]ght me how to see[C#], yeah [E] Blind [B]man who could [F#]change night into day And if-a [E]I can[B], I'm gonna mak[F#]e you come with me,[C#] oh oh oh oh yeah Because a-here c[E]omes the sun, ain't no surprise Ain't no doubt about it, gonna open up my eyes
{sot}F#-G#-B F#-G#-E F#-G#-C# F#-G#-E+---------------------------------------------------------------+---------------------------------------------------------------+-----4------------------------------6--------------------------+-----4---------------2--------------6-------------2------------+-----2---------------2--------------4-------------2------------+-2-4-------------2-4-0----------2-4-----------2-4-0------------REPEAT till end{eot}
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