Aerosmith - Jaded tab

Jaded by Aerosmith

Tabbed by Imran Sajjad and Mark Balfour

Note: These Tabs are not copied from video. I've posted these because i didnt think
the pitch of the tab submitted by Tyler Frederiksen was correct. Everything else
was great. This a more simpler version with less chords so it may not be a 100%
correct. If you find a flaw, please inform me at ''. 
Assisstant Guitar:_standard (EADGBe) for all chords
Lead Guitar:_______standard (EADGBe) for all progs, intro, end and solo

Chords used:
*   EADGBe	bend:___________________b
Bb__x13331	repeat previous chord:__/
Cm__x35543	hammer on:______________h
F___033211	pull off:_______________p
C#__x46664      palm mute:______________m
C___x35553      vibrato:________________v
A___x02220      release note:___________r
Gm7_353333      mute:___________________x

* Prog A: Prog B: Prog C: |__F_____________|__Bb____________F_____________|__Bb_________________________F___|e-|----------------|------------------------------|---------------------------------|B-|----------------|--2--2-2-2-2---2h3p2---2h3-2--|--2--2-2-2-2---2h3p2---2---2-----|G-|---------2-2----|-------------5-------5--------|-------------5-------5---5---3v--|D-|--3--3-5-----3--|------------------------------|---------------------------------|A-|----------------|------------------------------|---------------------------------|E-|----------------|------------------------------|---------------------------------|
Intro:e-|--------------------------------------------------------|B-|------------------------------------------3--3-3--------|G-|--2--2-2-2-2---2~h3p2---2----2~h3p2---2----------5~3p2--|repeat once moreD-|-------------5--------5---5---------5---5---------------|to end introA-|--------------------------------------------------------|E-|--------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: Bb / / / Hey j-j-jaded / youve got your mamas style / But your yesterdays child to me / So jaded / You think thats where its at Cm //// But is that where its supposed to be Cm //// Youre gettin it all over me X-rated Chorus: Bb Cm F Prog A My my baby blue F Yeah Im thinkin about you Bb Cm F Prog A My my baby blue F Cm Yeah Im so jaded Cm m And Im the one that jaded you Verse 2: Hey j-j-jaded In all its misery It will always be what I love and hated And maybe take a ride to the other side Were thinkin of love Well slip into the velvet glove And be jaded [Chorus] Bridge: F Bb F Your thinkings so complicated F Cm Ive had it all up to here F Bb But its so overrated C# Love hate it C Wouldnt trade it C# C Bb A~ love be jaded yeah
Solo:e-|---------------------------------3-6--9h10-8----8---------------------------|B-|---------------------------3-4-6-------------11---11p9-9h10p9h10p9h10p9h10--|G-|--2-2-2-2-2----2h3-3-3-3-5--------------------------------------------------|D-|------------5---------------------------------------------------------------|A-|---------------------------------------------repeat until sound fades out---|E-|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 3: Hey j-j-jaded There aint no baby please When Im shooting the breeze with her When everything you see is a blur And ectasys what you plead fr [Chorus] F Cm Yeah youre so jaded Gm7 Baby Cm Jaded Gm7 Baby Cm Yeah youre so jaded Cm m Cause Im the one that jaded you
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