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                        "Seasons of Wither"

                       from _Get Your Wings_
                (also on _Gems_ and _Pandora's Box_)

Intro Fig. (7x) e+-----------------|-----------------| On the -----| B+-----------------|-----------------| last rep -----| G+-----0-----0-----|-----0-----0-----| substitute ---0-| D+---0-----0-----0-|---2-----3-----3-| these for -----| A+-------1---------|-0-----1-----1---| the last -3---| E+-3-----------3---|-----------------| two notes: -----|
Bridge Fig. (4x) D C D C Bb F |-----------------|-----------------| Replace |-----------------| |-7-----7---------|-7-----7---5-----| the last |-7-7---5---3-----| |-7-----7---------|-7-----7---5-----| measure |-7-7---5---3-----| |-7-----7---------|-7-----7---5-----| of the |-7-7---5---3---3-| |-5-----5---------|-5-----5---3-----| last rep |-5-5---3---1---3-| |-----------------|-----------------| with: |---------------1-|
Verse Fig. (5x) |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-----2-----0-----|-----2-----0-----|-----2-----2-----|-----0-----0-----| |---0-----0-----0-|---0-----0-----0-|---0-----0-----0-|---0-----0-----0-| |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-0-----0-----0---|-1-----1-----1---|-2-----2-----2---|-3-----3-----3---|
-blues hearted lady, sleepy was she -love for the devil brought her to me -seas of a thousand drawn to her sin -Seasons of Wither holdin' me in
CHORUS:~~~~~~ |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-----0-----0-----|-----0-----0-----|-----2-----0-----| |---0-----0-----0-|---2-----2-----2-|---0-----0-----0-| |-----------------|-3-----3-----3---|-2-----2-----2---| |-3-----3-----3---|-----------------|-----------------|
|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-----2-----0-----|-----2-----0-----|-----0-----0-----| |---0-----0-----0-|---0-----0-----0-|---0-----0-----0-| |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-0-----0-----0---|-1-----1-----1---|-3-----3-----3---|
-ooh always me, I feel so badly for you (repeat last 6 measures) -ooh always me, I feel so sadly for you at times
|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-----0-----0-----|-----0-----0-----|-----0-----0-----| |---0-----0-----0-|---0-----0-----0-|---0-----0-----0-| |-0-----0-----0---|-1-----1-----1---|-3-----3-----3---| |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
-bound to lose your mind -live on borrowed time -take the wind right out of your sails [end CHORUS] w/Bridge Fig. (6x) -fireflies dance in the heat of -hound dogs that bay at the moon -my ship leaves in the midnight -can't say I'll be back too soon w/Verse Fig. (4x) -they awaken far far away -heat of my candle show me the way -seas of a thousand drawn to her sin -Seasons of Wither holdin' me in [CHORUS] Bridge Fig. (4x) Verse Fig. (first 3 measures only) Intro Fig. (4x) end on D chord (x5777x). -------------------- For some reason, this song was mixed with the guitar section very quiet. So, don't blame me if some of this is not right--especially the "ooh, always me" part! Treat this tab as just one person's conception of the song, if you wish. :-) The lyrics are denoted by hyphens and correspond to the tab section right above them. There is a fill near the end that goes something like..
14b16r14 means bend at the 14th fret to the pitch of the note at the 16th fret, then release the string back to the pitch of the 14th fret. More to come soon! -- Kevin Bourrillion Bradley University IITYWYGMTB Geisert 804 (309) 677-1193 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Livin', lovin' getting loose Masturbatin' with a noose Now someone's kickin' out the chair!" -- Aerosmith
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