Aerosmith – Shut Up & Dance tab

From: as608@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Ken Nakahara)

                Shut up and Dance - Aerosmith
                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   From the Album:
                                    "Get a Grip"

 I'm not too sure about all the chords, so if you have any corrections 
 please send or post them.

Em: 022000  C#m: 446654
D: xx0232   Bm: 224432

E------------------- Play this 4 times during intro B-------------------G-------------------D-5-5s-3s-5---------A-5-5s-3s-5---------E-3-3s-1s-3---------
Chorus: play above riff throughout the Chorus Talk is cheap, shut up and dance Don't get deep, shut up and dance Verse 1: Em D G Love has got me down play riff twice Em D G A tear just hit the ground play riff twice Verse 2: this is a stretch but it was as close as I came Em D So I started writing you this song G But the words came out all wrong C#m Bm Yeah, but it's alright Chorus Verse 3: Follow same format as verse 1 When you can't define the crime Then life ain't worth a dime Verse 4: follow same format as verse 2 When they take away everything you got And they rub your nose in the funky spot Not without a fight Chorus Solo Verse 5: follow same format as verse 1 Sex is like a gun You aim, you shoot, you run Verse 6: follow same format as verse 2 When you're splittin' hairs with Mr.Clean It's like getting head from a guillotine And the night has just begun Repeat Chorus That's all I had time to figure out so if you have any additions, corrections, or comments please send them. --Akira Nakahara( using my brother's account) -- Ken Nakahara or Toronto, Ontario
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