Aerosmith – Shut Up And Dance tab

Shut Up & Dance - Aerosmith
From "Get A Grip"

Ok, so I was tired of not being able to find any tabs for this sweet song. So, I learned
by ear. Actually, it wasn't that hard. A few weeks ago, it was hard as hell, but now
better, I guess. I might start posting more tabs by ear, since I'm getting a lot of 
by ear. Ok, enough blabbing. Here's the intro/some other parts.

I'm not sure who plays this (Brad or Joe), but I know what's played in the first chords.
just post the chords, not the rythm. You get it from the song, and the palm muting is
for fun. Try it anyway.)

X = strum with left hand muting strings
S = slide
h = hammer-on
p = pull-off
b = bend
hb= half-bend
~ = vibrato

E----------------------------------------------------|B--------3-------------------------------------------|G-4--4-4-3-4-x-2-4-4-4--2-4--------------------------|D-5--5-5---5-x-3-5-5-5--3s5--------------------------| (repeat 2x)A----------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------|
Main RiffE-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G-----------------------------|D--5-5--3-5-5-----------------|A--5-5--3-5-5-----------------|E--3-3--1s3-3-----------------|
Chorus FillE---------------------------------------|B--10hb-10---8----6--8--6~--------------|G---------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------|
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