Aerosmith – Somebody tab

Performed by Aerosmith on "Aerosmith"(1973)


E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G---------------------------------------------------| D---------------------------------------------------| A----2--2--4----2--4--2--2---4----------------------| E----0--0--0----0--0--0--0---0--2---2--3-3--4-4-----|
This riff changes slightly, sometimes changing to (2 3 4) instead of (2 33 4 4). When the verse comes in, play this: rhy.fig.2- I need a lady not somebody shady... E---------------------------------------------------| B------2--------------------------------------------| G------2-------(3x)---------------------------------| D------2--------------------------------------------| A---------------------------------------------------| E----------------------0---3---0---3----------------|(rhy.fig.1))The words fit into the music like this:
I need a lady not somebody shady need someone to be close to somebody cozy not somebody nosy help me see my whole day through F#5 someone to share the load A5 somebody to walk the road I live!(rhy.fig.1)
Basic chords for this part go like this: fill 1- F#5 A5 live E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G-------------------9--9\-----9---------------------| D---4-----7---------9--9\-----9---------------------| A---4-----7---------7--7\-----7---------------------| E---2-----5-----------------------------------------| (rhy.fig.2)
Good Lord send me, good lord mend me send me down someone for me said I won't be choosy you could send me a floozy send me anybody you please F#5 Somebody say you will A5 Somebody further still G5 B5 Somebody some-somebody for me(fill 1) fill 2- D5 A E
E---------------------------------------------------| B-------------------2-------------------------------| G----9----7--7------2-------------------------------| D----9----7--7------2----------------2--------------| A----7----5--5-----------------------2--------------| E-------------------------3---2---0--0--------------| Now won't you send me somebody(repeat twice)
I used two barre chords in this transcription without tabbing them. Herethey are for those who don't know: B5 G5 E-------------| B-------------| G---4---------| D---4----5----| A---2----5----| E--------3----|
(guitar solo(by the way, anyone who wants to post the solo is more than welcome)) (rhy.fig.1) yeah somebody won't you send me somebody now won't you send me somebody (rhy.fig.2) well,call for somebody scream loud and bloody call woman woman come on to me save for tomorrow share all your sorrow misery enjoys company(yes it does,yes it does)
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