Aerosmith - Darkness tab

Darkness(from Done With Mirrors)

guitar 1- Darkness Darkness hungry to the bone... E---------------------------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------| G---11b--11--11b-r-9---11b-11-r--11-11--10----------| D---------------------------------------------------| A---------------------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------------|
guitar 2- E-------------8}----------| B-------------8{----------| G-------------8}---8------| D-10--10--10------10------| A-10--10--10------10------| E--8---8---8--------------| repeat
During the "God, I'm in love" part, guitar 1 plays something that sounds like this: God I'm in love... E-----------------------------------------------------| B-----------------------------------------------------| G--11p9-11-11\13--11-13-13\15--13-15-15\17--15-17-----| D-----------------------------------------------------| A-----------------------------------------------------| E-----------------------------------------------------|
During this part before the solo just move it higher up the neck.
I didn't bother figuring out the solo(and I'm not sure I could even if I bothered to) but if you want something to play during the solo there's a piano riff that goes something like this: 8x | 4x E-----------------|--------------------| B-----------------|--------------------| G-----------------|--------------------| D-----------1-----|-----------3--------| A--3--1--3-----3--|--5--3--5-----5-----| E-----------------|--------------------|
Continue with first part until fade out That's about it for the rhythm parts. symbols used in transcription: b = bend r = release { } = upstrum {
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