Afroman – Because I Got High tab

Afroman - Beause I Got High - Tabs

I was gonna go to class,

  G         C
then I got high.

    C        D7
I coulda cheated, and I coulda passed,

 D7         G
but I got high

 G   B7               G
I'm takin' it next semester,

 D          C
and I know why:

  C          G
'Cause I got high,

  G          D
'Cause I got high, 

  D          G
'Cause I got high.

                        G (resume strumming)

The chords and bridge are the same for every verse. Chords: G C D7 B7 B7
|--3--| |--0--| |--2--| |--7--| |--2--||--0--| |--1--| |--1--| |--7--| |--0--||--0--| |--0--| |--2--| |--8--| OR |--2--||--0--| |--2--| |--0--| |--7--| |--1--||--2--| |--3--| |--x--| |--9--| |--2--||--3--| |--x--| |--x--| |--7--| |--x--|
I Hope this is right -Patrick
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