Against Me – Joy chords

Guitar is tuned a half step down for this song

Dall is quiet
except for this song
Gso maybe while im not together
i can feel like im not alone
Dsomewhere off in the distance
Grapidly advancing
is an onslought of sorts
Ayoung sirens wail
an a scoot sense of glory
Gand the lions in the cages roar in memory of flight
Dand theirs a joy
a joy in all i can see
G D - Ga joy in every possibility
Dand all round this is a great great feeling
Gamerican rockets red glare in the most discusting triumph
DIn passing i am asked "do you believe in a god"
Gi shrug off the answer
continue to get high
Ain this terror of no explanation
i am looking for a faith
G Dmy panic is a only reason there is a joy
a joy in all i can see
G D – A – G - Da joy in every possibility
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