Against Me – True Trans Soul Rebel Acoustic chords

Capo on 3rd fret

C* - C chord minus the b string

Intro: G, C, G, Em (x2)


G AmAll dressed up and nowhere to go,
Em D C / C*Walking the streets all alone.
G AmAnother night you wish you could forget,
Em D C / C*Making yourself up as you go along.
Pre chorus / chorus:
GWho's gonna take you home tonight?
CWho's gonna take you home? (x2)
Em G C Does god bless your transsexual heart,
G D EmTrue Trans Soul Rebel?
(Intro chords) (Verse) (Pre chorus / chorus) (Intro chords)
AmYou should've been a mother,
CYou should've been a wife.
G DYou should've been gone from here years ago,
CYou should be living a different life.
(Pre chorus / Chorus) The last line of the final chorus should be G D C and not G D Em. End: G, D, C, C*, G Long live LJG.
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