Too Young To Die tab with lyrics by Agent Orange - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Agent Orange – Too Young To Die tab

Riff 1At the beginning all is palm mutedAfter 4 times release palm mute on 6 and 7 fretAnd then slowly release palm mute on open stringsE-----------------------------------|B-----------------------------------|G-----------------------------------|D--6-0-0-6-0-0-6-0-7-0-0-7-0-0-7-0--|A-----------------------------------|E-----------------------------------|
Riff 2E----------------------|B--1--1---1-2---2---2--|G--0--0---0-0---0---0--|D----------------------|A----------------------|E----------------------|
Riff 3E-----------------------|B-----------------------|G--5------5-5--9--------|D--5------5-5--9--------|A--3------3-3--7--------|E-----------------------|
End withE-----B-----G-----D--6--A-----E-----
Riff 1 x8 Riff 2 x8 Riff 3 x1 Riff 1 x2 Riff 3 x1 Riff 1 x8 Solo (Riff 2 x8) Riff 3 x1 Riff 1 x2 Riff 3 x1 Riff 1 x3 End
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