Agnes Gooch – Rock N Roll Star tab

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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 21:48:58 -0600 (CST)
From: "Michael L. Heuer" 
Subject: TAB:  /a/agnes_gooch/ (fwd)

artist:  Agnes Gooch
album:   Blind
song:    #11.  Rock N' Roll Star

most likely Eb, but I've transcribed it in E.

intro riff: guitar two riff:D --(3)---3--1--------- e -----------------------|A --------------4------ B --(9)---9--7--6--------|E --------------------- G -----------------------|
Db (riff) Ab I'd be on every wall Write my name on your Pee Chee folder Db Ab Tell your mom how cool I was Dad just wouldn't understand Db Gb Db Ab Wanna be a rock and roll star Gb Db Ab Wanna be a rock and roll star I'd act alone in a crowd I'd be pretentious but my music would be loud I'd have an addiction, be a dick People would write about who I hung out with Wanna be a rock and roll star Wanna be a rock and roll star Gb Db have people listen and I'd Gb I'd wear lots of rings and I Gb Db wouldn't really say a thing Ab but you'd think I was Gb that's all that matters Ab that's all that matters Db is that and money
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