Air Supply – Having You Near Me tab

Title: Having you near me
by: air supply
tabbed by: craftoon
cp#: 090903886280
Note: di ko po alam if tama tong chords na ginawa ko pero
      sa tingin ko tumutugma naman e kaya try nyo lang po
      if mali po comment kayo or txt me ok? enjoy my tabbed
      this song is dedicate ko sa lahat ng gf ko hehehe biro lang


 A-Em-D 2x

   A       D           Bm  E
i came to you whenever its to much
Bm                       E-F#m-E
Wondering what would you say
C#m               F#m                 Bm            E
hoping you'd understand its not a role i usually play
      A         D               Bm         E
dont speak to much of whats been on
Bm                     E-F#m-E
the past is over and gone
C#m                    F#m              G            
give me a trouble of mind you know its you 
       D              E
i can do so much for you

i want you having you near 
hoping you need me
F#m                          Bm      E
i want you to stay and never go away

its alright
i want you having you near me
hoping you need me
F#m                              Bm     E (break)
i love you tonight and feel so right, feel so right

(do stanza chords)
your brave to say that you get lost in love
but you opened your heart to me
underneth though you fell you know how deep my love could be
tonight we'll touch until its time to go
then i leavin' it up to you
even a fool would know that im not thru i can do so much for you

[repeat chorus]
[interlude] A-D-Bm-E-F#m-D-E
[repeat chorus]

thats all the end enjoy it

                    "CRAFTOON LEAVES FOREVER"
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