Aj Rafael – I Just Want You tab

this is my first time i did this.. and i just want to share it with you guys.. 
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CAPO 1st (standard tuning)
verse: G Em7 Am-C Cm
pre-chorus: Em7 Cadd9 G
chorus: G Em7 Am-C Cm
bridge: F C G 

Em7 - 022033 
Cm  - 035540 


G                               Em7
Theres something I gotta say to you
                                  Am - C    Cm
But im so afraid of what you'll doo  Ohhhh

G                            Em7
I'll just admit this to you now
                                    Am  -  C      Cm
That I'm stuck on you like glue somehow   ohhh  ohhh

Em7                  Cadd9    G
Don't wanna feel so cold inside
  Em7               Cadd9        G                        Em7 
I wanna feel the warmth that I feel with you all the time

        Cadd9                 G
Surrounding me just like the wind
     Em7                    Cadd9     G
Cuz youre the one who makes me sing

G                   Em7               Am - C  Cm
Help me find myself like how I found you oh
G                Em7                Am - C    Cm
I need you so we can live happily too ohh
Em7        Cadd9  G
I just want you

I wanna go out with you tonight
A picnic with candlelight
    Am        C          Cm
I might just hold you tight

G                          Em7
Tell me you wanna be my queen
                  Am            C                                   Cm
If not its ok a princess seems just my type I promise I'll be there tonight

     Em7               Cadd9    G
I'll keep you warm in winter's white
Em7                  Cadd9             G              
And in the summer walks on beach sound nice

                  Em7                Cadd9               G
I need you now to talk with on the phone for hours at a time
Em7          Cadd9                   G
Baby I just want you to be mine all mine

F              C            G                         
i wanna be ur valentine ur Christmas wish ur pickup line
  F                     C             G
I wanna be the one who knows about ur friends and foes and the tv shows you 

 F         C                     G                                     
love Look above the stars spell out ur name with an exclamation 

F             C                      C(slide to the 3rd fret)
point at the end of the day ur the one who makes me say

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