Aj Rafael – Just Wait chords

Verse 1
F C DmPlease just say the words
Bb F Gm AmI wanna hear, don't shed a tear
Bb FJust sit and wait
C Dm Bb FTell me you'll wait, I want you here
Gm AmI need you here
Bb C Dm Bb F Cause I just need some time, some time alone
Gm Am C Bb C DmSpeak at the tone, cause I, I won't be here
C F Gm AmSo wait my dear, please wait my dear
Verse 2.
F C Dm Bb FThanks for all you've done, for there is none
Gm Am Bb FThat I can do, to pay you back
C Dm Bb FThese days are black, and nights are blue
Gm AmWhile there's no you
CHORUS Bridge: Oh oh oh.. etc. Same chords as chorus. Verse 1 CHORUS Outro: Same as verse. God bless you. (:
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