Aj Rafael – Without You chords


Tabbed by : www.facebook.com/alanzafri


A bucket full of tears
Ebb know im here
F#mim here waiting
Ajust close ur precious eyes
Eand just realize
F#mim still fighting
Afor you to be with me
Esit under this tree
F#mand we can watch the sunrise
A E F#mwake up feel the air that im breathin
E i cant explain this feeling that im feelin
A E F#m i wont go another day without you
A E F#mhold on i promise its gets brighter
F#m Ewhen it rains i'll hold you even tighterr
A E F#mi wont go another day without you
Ai know ur feelin down
Elike no ones around
F#mbut baby ur wrong
Ajust get rid of the fear
Epromise that im here
F#mi'll never be gone
Aso baby come with me
Ewe can fly away and we can see the
F#mstars shine
Emand baby you can be my love
D/F# Ethis is me tonight
F#m Ano more games and no more lies
D/F# Eand i know its right
A F#m cuz of the way you look into my eyes
D/F# Eand when i hold you tight
A F#m D/F#the worries dissapear im glad ur in my life
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