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Aj Rafael – She Was Mine chords ver. 2

She Was Mine – AJ Raphael

Verse 1 (F, Fmaj7, Bbmaj7, Bbm7):So I hopped on a train three in thee afternoon
I don't know when I'm coming back, but I hope that it's soon see, I never thought (never thought) That I'd have to leave your side (your side) It's only physically but you know that you will be on my mind Twenty-four hours at a time Cause in my eyes, you were mine (you were mine)
Chorus (Gm7, C7, Am7, D7 x2; Gm7, C7, F):No matter where you go, I won't be very far
Cause in my head I’ll be right there where you are Cause love has no distance baby Love, love has no distance baby No, not when it comes to you and me
Verse 2 (F, Fmaj7, Bbmaj7, Bbm7):See, she wrote me a letter, said the weather wasn't better
But she says that she was doing fine "I want to see you face to face", that's what she wrote to me that day And I knew that it was all a sign So I wrote back with this song, promise it won't be too long Wanna make up for all our lost time Cause in my eyes, you were mine (you were mine) Chorus
Verse 3 (F, Fmaj7, Bbmaj7, Bbm7):So i'm going through these boxes, my life's gone off track
It's been three years, she hasn't written back But in my eyes, she's still mine And i know it sounds so stupid to be waiting this long But I'm still in love, and I know I'm not wrong Cause in my eyes, she was mine Chorus (x2)
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