Acceptance chords with lyrics by Akira Yamaoka - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Akira Yamaoka – Acceptance chords

Song: Acceptance                                    |
Album: Silent Hill Shattered Memories Soundtrack    |
Composer: Akira Yamaoka                             |
Performed by: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Akira Yamaoka |
Year: 2009                                          |

GmTime flows, nobody knows
CmThe years go by
A#Where we go
F#augAlone from here
GmNight falls, strange-colored walls
CmMy eyes deceive
A#What is wrong
F#augWith me?
Gm Cm GmDeep in the night you think everything's right
FTell it to yourself
Say it's just a nightmare
D#Something is telling you
F#augNothing can change where you are, again
Gm Cm GmWhy should it matter, your dreams of a child?
FInnocence is gone
Only fear to play with
D#Faces are changing
F#augBut nothing is changing the pain
Too late
e|-------------| e|------------|B|----3-----3--| B|----3-------|G|--3-----3----| X3 G|--3---------|D|5-----5------| D|5-----5-----|A|-------------| A|------------|E|-------------| E|------------|
Gm F Gm F GmTwo steps I take getting closer and closer
Gm F Gm F GmAnd one more breath I take sends me further back
Gm F Gm F GmOh...
Gm F Gm F GmOh...
Gm Cm GmOver and over it calls to your soul
FSay it isn't so. Emptiness surrounds you
D# F#augNo one can help if the angels refuse to come here
Who's there?
Gm Cm GmCold-faded photos, they lay by your side
FSomething in my room. Never mind blue reason
D# F#augVisions are lying and reasons just live to survive
This time
Gm Gm7 Gm Gm7 GmThe cold (the cold). The light (the light).
Gm7 Gm F GmThe fear (the fear) returning
Gm Gm7 Gm Gm7 GmIt's not (it's not) the eyes (the eyes)
Gm7 Gm F GmYou feel (you feel) that's chilling you
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