Akon – Hypnotized tab

Hypnotized by Plies ft. Akon

This is how I play it acoustically. In the real song you would just play the intro over 
over, with variations, but I switch it up to chords so I can rap along.

**CAPO 5**


"Hey what's happenin' homie..."

    Dm7        A7    A#/F

Dm7 A7 Dm C A#
Here is where the intro stops and the DJ scratches it up. I like to mimic that by muting the chords 8x fast.
DU DU DU DUa|--xx-xx-xx-xxe|--xx-xx-xx-xxc|--xx-xx-xx-xxG|--xx-xx-xx-xxD|--xx-xx-xx-xxA|--xx-xx-xx-xx
Now comes the main part of the song ("It's two oclock..."). The same intro guitar riff repeated throughout, but I like to just play the chords to the beat of the bass. The should be down, down/up, down. CHORDS (I posted the real names. The chord pattern names are Am7, E7, F/C) Dm7 A7 A#/F
Dm7 It's two oclock in the mo'nin' A7 I'm yiked up and I'm horny A#/F All I need now is some moanin' A#/F That p***y got me zoanin' The rest of the lyrics get pretty dirty. Look 'em up :) Tabbed by DJ Fabes
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