Akon - I Wanna Love You chords version 1

chords to use:

am - 002210

em- 022000

f- 003211

g/b- 020001

Just threw this together after being fed up with how the other versions sound. very easy 
play. just match the strumming to the way the song goes. can be a single strum or 
strums between notes... up to how u feel.

(am) (em)I see you windin n grindin up on that pole,
(f) (g/b)I kno u see me lookin' at you and you already kno
(am) (em)I wanna love you, you already know
(f) (g/b)I wanna love you, you already know
(am) (em)Money in the air as mo feel grad you by your coat tail take you to the motel, hoe sale,
(f) (g/b)Dont tell, wont tell, baby said I dont talk dogg but she told on me, oh well,
(am) (em)Take a picture wit me, what the flick gon do........... etc.
follow on the entire song like this. by: Kevin z Roberts
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