Al Gordon - Morning Star tab



G D Em  C

Verse 1:
G                 Am
Jesus Christ, you never change
G/B        C
Yesterday, today the same
G                 Am
Morning Star, the rising sun
G/B                  C
With you the best is yet to come
D                Em
Christ has died, Christ is risen
C                D
Christ will come again

G            D
King for evermore
                    Em                       C
Itís you Iím living for, itís you Iím living for
G                 D
Brightest Morning Star
                  Am                     C
How beautiful you are, how beautiful you are

Verse 2:
G                Am
Can you hear the future sound
G/B           C
That rises up to shake the ground?
G              Am
All around the world we sing
D                 Em
The anthem of the coming King
D            Em
God who was, God who is,
C             D
God who is to come


     D      Em    C
I am yours, Jesus yours
     D      Em     C
I am yours, always yours
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