Al Stewart – Lord Grenville chords

a clever song this one. they don't often write them like this anymore.

i'll be honest i knocked these out in a rush (in frustration at the lack of
existing tablature, 'oh man i have to do it myself i guess' situation) so a
lot of it is probably wrong, and if you're playing a guitar it might sound
weird even if they are right, because some of the progressions rely upon
notes other than the root, which is fine if you're using a keyboard becuase
you have a left hand to do that stuff. so i'm sorry about that.

also, most of it is buried under layers of strings and obscure basslines and
guitar solo stuff, so it's hard to replicate anyway. like i said, it's
clever. this album's a cracker start to finish.

A C#mGo and tell Lord Grenville that the tide is on the turn
F#m D E A BmIt's time to haul the anchor up and leave the land astern
C# D BWe'll be gone before the dawn returns
A G D Fm G ALike voices on the wind
A... (repeat previous) Go and tell Lord Grenville that our dreams have run aground There's nothing here to keep us in this shanty town None of us are caring where we're bound Like voices on the wind
A D EAnd come the day you'll hear them saying
E7 AThey're throwing it all away
D E C# F#m F Dm C#maj7Nothing more to say, just throwing it all away
G# G#m D# F (the riff between that break and the next verse goes something like this: ) Bb F C F (verse same as before) Go and fetch the captain's log and tear the pages out We're on our way to nowhere now, can't bring the helm about None of us are left in any doubt We won't be back again Send a message to the fleet they'll search for us in vain We won't be there among the reaches of the Spanish Main Tell the ones we left home not to wait Won't be back again And come the day you'll hear them saying They're throwing it all away Nothing more to say, just throwing it all away
Em G DOur time is just a point along a line
Dm AThat runs forever with no end
Em G DI never thought that we would come to find
Dm A Dm A Dm AOurselves upon these rocks again, oh no
A Amaj7 A7 D Dm A
A C#mGo and tell Lord Grenville that the tide is on the turn
A C#m A C#m...
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