Alabama – My Homes In Alabama chords

Am7 D-------------------------------------------------|-------1------------1-----------3------------3---|----0-----0------0-----0-----2-----2------2-----2|--------------------------0------------0---------|-0------------0----------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------|
I just use that same type of pattern for all of the chords, each note picked being an 8th note. Am7 D Am7 D (repeat once) [D]Drinkin' was forbidden in my [Dmaj7]Christian country home I [D7]learned to play the flattop on them [G]good ol' Gospel songs Then I [C]heard about the barrooms just a[A7]cross the Georgia line Where a [A7]boy could make a livin' playin' [D]guitar late at night (same chords for other verses) Had to learn about the ladies; too young to understand why the young girls fall in love with the boys in the band When the boys turn to music, the girls just turn away to some other guitar picker in some other late night place Yeah, I held on to my music; I let the ladies walk away took my songs and dreams to Nashville and then on to L.A. Up to New York City, all across the USA I lost so much of me but there's enough of me to say (that my) chorus: .[G]-.home's -[A]in Ala[D]bama, no matter [Am7]where I lay my [D]head My [G]home's in Ala[F#m]bama, Southern [G]born and Southern [D]bred D Am7 D Am7 D What keeps me goin'? I don't really know. can't be the money the Lord knows I'm always broke could it be the satisfaction of bein' understood when the people really love ya and let you know when it's good Well I'll speak my Southern English just as natural as I please I'm in the heart of Dixie, Dixie's in the heart of me and someday when I make it, when love finds a way somewhere high on Lookout Mountain I'll just smile with pride and say that my repeat chorus
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