Alabama – Mountain Music tab

4/4 time

D/A:--2---| --3---| --2---| --0---| --0---| --X---
A A D/A D/A A A D/A Chorus 1: (a capella until you reach "to a Cajun.." Oh, [A] play me some mountain [D] music like [A] grandma and grandpa used to play [D] Then I'll [A] float on down the riv-[D]er to a Ca-[E]jun hidea-[A]way. Verse 1: [A] Drift away like Tom [D] Sawyer Ride a raft[A] with ol' Huck [D] Finn Take a nap[A] like Rip Van Winkle, daze [G] dreamin' a-[E]gain. Chorus 2--same chords as chorus one for the first 3 lines. Then: to a Ca-[Bm]jun hidea-[E]way. (guitar solo) Verse 2 (same chords as 1) Swim across the river Just to prove that I'm a man Spend the day bein' lazy Just bein' nature's friend v3 Climb a long tall hick'ry Bend it over, skinnin' cats Playin' baseball with chert rocks Usin' sawmill slabs for bats Bridge: (also a capella, like first chorus, until you reach "'cause that's where..") Play some [A] back-home come-on [D] music that [A] comes from the heart [D] Play [A] something with lots of feel-[D]in' 'cause that's where [Bm] music has to [E] start. (chorus 2) on last line "...a cajun hideaway aay-aay-aaaiiiaay" - then a drum solo ensues and the tempo increases--go back to the first chorus for the ending, but play all of the chords. Enjoy! Bishop of Nod
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