Alabama – Cheap Seats chords

Ball game organ sound play on guitar-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------|------2-5-2-5------------|----3--------------------|--3----------------------|
Guitar riff with intro chords 2x C F Am G----------------------------------------|--5-5--3-------5-5-3-------5-5-3----2---|---------5--2--------5--2--------5------|----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------|
C F C F C F CThis town ain't big This town ain't small It's a little of both they say
F GOur ball club may be minor-league But at least it's triple A
C F C F C F Am We sit be-low the Marlboro man Above the right-field wall
Am F GWe do the wave all by ourselves "Hey Ump, a blind man coulda made that call!"
(G) C F C F C We like our beer as flat as can be We like our dogs with mustard and re-lish
G C F F C F CWe've got a great pitcher, what's his name Well, we can't even spell it
G C F AmWe don't worry about the pennants much We just like to see the boys hit it deep
AM F G C F Am G C F Am GThere's nothing like the view from the cheap seats
C F C F C F C The game was close We call it a win Go off to toast the boys again
F GThat local band is back in town They've got a kind of minor-league sound
C F C C F AmThey're not that bad They're not that good But all in all, it's under-stood
Am F GWe want to dance, they want to play We wouldn't have it any other way
Go to chorus, lead, "cheap seats", to third verse
C F C F C F C Now the majors call up old what's his name And one more building rises tall
F GAnd suddenly we're all grown up And this old town's not quite so small
C F C F C F AmBut I'll always miss the middle-size towns In the middle of the middle West
Am F G With no name pitchers and local bands And mustard and relish and all the rest
Go to chorus, "Cheap Seats" "He hits it it's going going going yeah-eah It's a home run" "Cheap Seats"
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