Alabama – Tennessee River tab

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Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 21:43:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Tennessee River
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Here are the chords to "Tennessee River", by Randy Owen
performed by Alabama

-anyone with tab on this, PLEASE send it to me, or Cowpie.

4/4 time

A   A   A   A
verse 1:  [A]I was born across the riv-[E]er
        in the moun-[D]tains where I call [A]home.
        Lord, times were good there.  Don't know [E] why
        I ever roamed_[D]____[A]

Chorus:  Oh, Tennessee [A] River and a mountain [G6] man,
    We get to-[D]gether anytime we can[A].
    Oh, Tennessee River and a mountain [G6] man,
    we play to-[D]gether in Mother Nature's band[A].

A   A   A   G6   G6   D   D   A

Verse 2:  [A] Me and my woman's done made our [E] plans
         on the Tennessee [D] River, [C] walkin' hand in hand [A]
     [G] Gonna [G#] raise a fam-[A]ly, Lord, settle down [E]
         where peace and [D] love can still be [A] found.

Repeat Chorus, then increase tempo, and play chords to the chorus on the
fiddle solo.

G6--0-- G--3-- G#--4--| --0-- --3-- --4--| --0-- --4-- --5--| --0-- --5-- --6--| --x-- --5-- --6--| --3-- --3-- --4--|
Enjoy! I love playin' this song. Doug "'Bama rules" Smith P.S. in the live version on CD, they do an extra verse in the middle the lyrics to it are: This mountain king, 's done left his throne On the Tennessee River and his mountain home But I'm goin' back, leavin' today to my homeland, so far away Drivin' down to Dixie, wastin' no time Back to the good life I left behind Goin' to the river with my fishin' line I'm on Lookout Mountain about suppertime (chorus, last verse, etc.)
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