Alan Jackson – Here In The Real World chords

Artist: Alan Jackson
Song: Here In The Real World

D GCowboys don't cry,
A D And heroes don't die.
GGood always wins
A DAgain and again.
G AAnd love is a sweet dream
DThat always comes true
GOh, if life were like the movies,
A D G/DI'd never be blue.
D GBut here in the real world,
DIt's not that easy at all,
A A7Cause when hearts get broken,
DIt's real tears that fall.
GAnd darlin', it's sad but true,
DBut the one thing I've learned from you,
Em F#m GIs how the boy don't always get the girl,
A G Here in the real world. D/G/A/D/G/D
D G I gave you my love,
A DBut that wasn't enough,
GTo hold your heart
A DWhen times got tough.
G AAnd tonight on that silver screen,
DIt'll end like it should,
GTwo lovers will make it through
A D G/DLike I hoped we would.
(Repeat chorus then add this ending)
D Em F#m GNo, the boy don't always get the girl
A G D/A/DHere in the real world.
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