Alan Menken - Belle chords

ARTIST: Alan Menken and Howard Ashman
TITLE: Belle

From the movie, Beauty And The Beast

F#m6 244242
D#(add9) xx3343
A#maj7 x13231


G/A - A - 
G/A - A -
Em/A -- D/A -- Em/A -- D/A --
Em/A -- D/A -- Em/A -- D/A --

Em/D DLittle town it's a quiet village.
Em/D DEveryday like the one before.
F#m F#m6 Little town full of little people,
A7suswaking up to say.
D - E/D -Bonjour!
D - E/D -Bonjour!
A DBonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!
A7 D - A - D-A - BmThere goes the baker with his tray like always.
A/C# - DThe same old bread and rolls to sell.
F - G - CEvery morning just the same
D#(add9)-F - A#since the morning that we came,
Gm - Am7 - A#maj7 -To this poor provintial town.
A7 - D[Baker]
Good Morning Belle! [Belle] Morning, Monsieur!
Where are you off to?
The book shop...
DI just finished the most wonderful story,
A7sus A7About a beanstalk and an ogor and an...
That's nice. Marie! The bagettes! Hurry up!
D A7 D - A -D - A - Bm[Group of Women]
Look there she goes that girl is strange no question.
A/C# - DDazed and distracted, can't you tell?
F - G - C[Woman #1]
Never part of any crowd.
D#(add9) -F - A#[Man #3]
'Cause her head's up on some cloud.
Gm - Am7 - A#maj7-A7 - D G - [Villagers]
No denying she's a funny girl that Belle.
A/G - G -[Man #1]
A/G - G -[Woman #1]
Good day!
A7/G - D/F# G -[Man #1]
How is your family?
A/G - G -[Woman #1]
A/G - G -[Man #4]
Good day!
A7/G - D/F# A# -[Woman #1]
How is your wife?
C/A#-A# -C/A# - A# -[Woman #2]
I need six eggs!
C7/A#-F/A[Man #2]
That's too expensive.
Dm7 E7 A7sus A7 - D [Belle]
There must be more than this provincial life.
A7sus[Book Shop Clerk]
Ah! Belle!
A7 D A7sus[Belle]
Good Morning! I've come to return the book I've borrowed!
A7[Book Shop Clerk]
Finished already?
D A7sus[Belle]
Oh I couldn't put it down. Have you got anything new?
A7 D[Book Shop Clerk]
Ha, ha. Not since yesterday!
A7sus A7[Belle]
That's alright. I'll borrow...this one!
F[Book Shop Clerk]
That one?! But you've read it twice!
C7sus C7 F[Belle]
Well it's my favorite! Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells,
C7sus D a prince in disguise!
A7sus A7 D[Book Shop Clerk]
Well if you like it all that much, it's yours. [Belle] But sir!
A7sus[Book Shop Clerk]
I insist.
A5 A7 - D[Belle]
Well thank you! Thank you very much!
A7 - D -A-D-A - Bm[Group Of Men]
Look, there she goes that girl is so peculiar.
A/C# - DI wonder if she's feeling well.
F - G - C[Group Of Women]
With a dreamy far off look.
D#(add9) - F - A#[Group Of Men]
And her nose stuck in a book.
Gm - Am7 - A#maj7-A7 - D[Villigers]
What a puzzle to the rest of us, this Belle.
G Gmaj7 G6[Belle]
A7sus-A7/G-F#m B7susIsn't this amazing?
B7 D/E E7 Em7/A A9It's my favorite part because
C6/D D C/D D7you'll see.
G Gmaj9/F# Em7Here's
A7 F#m7 B7sus B9 D/Ewhere she meets prince charming. But she won't discover
E7 Fmaj7 - F6 - Fmaj7 - F6 - Em7 A5 Dthat it's him till chapter three.
A7 - D - A - D - A - Bm[Woman #3]
Now It's no wonder that her name means beauty,
A9 - D her looks have got no parallel.
F - G - C[Man #1]
But behind that fair facade,
D# - F - A#I'm afraid she's rather odd.
Gm9 - Am7 - A#maj7- A7sus -Very different from the rest of us.
Gm - Am7 - A#maj7- A7sus - [Villigers]
She's nothing like the rest of us. Yes,
Gm - Am - A# - A7 - D different from the rest of us is Belle.
D A7sus A7 D D A7sus A7 C C C Gm - A#maj7 - C
Gm7 - C Gm - Am[Gaston]
Right from the moment when i met her, saw her,
G/B - CI said she's gorgeous and I fell.
D#(add9) - F - A#Here in town there's only she,
C#(add9)-D#- G#who is beautiful as me.
Fm - Gm7 - G#maj7- G7 - C F - So I'm making plans to woo and marry Belle.
G/F - F -[Gaston Groupies]
Look there
G/F - F -he goes,
G7/F - C/E F -isn't he dreamy?
G/F - F -Monsieur
G/F - F -Gaston!
G/F C/E - C - G#Oh he's so cute!
A#/G# - G# -Be still
A#/G# - G# -my heart!
A#7/G#-D#/GI'm hardly breathing.
Cm D7 G7sus G7 D -He's such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute.
[Woman #1] Bonjour!
E/D-D -[Gaston]
E/D -[Belle]
Good day
D -[Woman #2]
Mais oui!
E7/D - A/C#[Woman #3]
You call this bacon?
D -[Woman #4]
What lovely grapes!
E/D -[Man #1]
Some cheese
D -[Woman #5]
Ten yards!
E/D -[Man #1]
one pound
D -[Gaston]
'scuse me!
E7/D - A[Cheese Merchant]
I'll get the knife
F -[Gaston]
Please let me through!
G/F -[Woman #6]
This bread -
F -[Woman #7]
Those fish -
G/F -[Woman #6]
it's stale!
F -[Woman #7]
they smell!
G/F - C/E[Men]
Madame's mistaken.
Well, maybe so
B7 Am/E-E- Esus - E - [Townsfolk]
[Belle] Good Morn ing There must be more than this provincial life!
G/A A7 D[Townsfolk]
[Gaston] Oh, good morn ing Just watch, I'm going to make Belle my wife!
A7 - D - A - D- A - Bm[Townsfolk]
Look there she goes, a girl who's strange but special
A9- DA most peculiar mad'moiselle!
F - G - C[Women]
It's a pity and a sin
D# - F - A#[Men]
She doesn't quite fit in
Gm9 - Am7-A#maj7-A7sus -[Townsfolk]
'Cause she really is a funny girl
Gm - Am7 - A#maj7-A7sus -A beauty but a funny girl
Gm7 - Am7 - A# - AsusShe really is a funny girl
A - D -That Belle!
E/D - D - E/D - D - E/D -- D -- E/D D
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