Alan Menken – Home chords

SONG: Home
ARTIST: Alan Menken & Tim Rice

From the musical Beauty And The Beast


Dsus Dsus
Cm/D - Gm/D - D7

G - G/F# -Yes, I made the choice
G/E - G/D -For papa, I will stay
C - C/B - Am7 - C/D -But I don't deserve to to lose my freedom in this way
Gsus-G - Esus - Em -You monster!
Am7 B7sus-B7 - Em G7/DIf you think that what you've done is right, well then
C6You're a fool!
Bm/D- GThink again!
G C - C/B - C/A -- C/G --
C--Em - F6Is this home?
G7sus - G7 - C - F/C - CIs this where I should learn to be happy?
Em- F6Never dreamed
G7sus - G7 - C - G/D - C/E -That a home could be dark and cold
C--C/B--AmI was told
C/G - F -Ev'ry day in my childhood:
C/E - E7sus--E/G#--Am - C7/GEven when we grow old
F - C/E - G/D - G7 -Home will be where the heart is
Csus--C--E7sus/B--E7/B--Am - C7/G -Never were words so true!
F6 G7sus -My heart's far, far away
G7 - C - F/C -- G/C -- C -Home is too
Em - F6Is this home
G7sus - G7 - C - F/C - C -Is this what I must learn to believe in
Em-F6Try to find
G7sus - G7 - C - G/D - C/E -Something good in this tragic place
C -- C/B--AmJust in case
C/G - F -I should stay here forever
C/E - E7sus--E/G#--Am - C7/G -Held in this empty place
F - C/E - G/D - G7 -Oh, but that won't be easy
Csus--C -- E7sus/B--E7/B--Am - C7/G -I know the reason why
F6 G7sus - G7 -My heart's far, far away
C - F/C -- G/C -- C/BHome's a lie
Am FWhat I'd give to return
Bm7b5 - E7 - Am - Am/G -To the life that I knew lately
F DmAnd to think I complained
A# E7sus - E7 - G/A -- A --Of that dull provincial town
D--F#m--G6Is this home?
Em7/A - F#m/A--A7--D - G/D - A/D -Am I here for a day or forever?
D -- F/#m--G6Shut away
Em7/A - A-- A7 -- D - A/E - D/F# -From the world until who knows when
D-- D/C#--BmOh, but then
D/A - G - D/F# -As my life has been altered once
F#sus--F#/A#--Bm - D7/! -It can change again
A/G-- G -- D/F#- Asus/E - A7 - Build higher walls around me
Dsus-- D -- F#7sus/C--F#7--Bm - D7/A -Change ev'ry lock and key
G6 F#7sus - F#Nothing lasts, nothing holds
Bm Am7 -All of me
D7 - G6 - F#m- Em -My heart's far, far away
F#m/A--A7--D - D/C# - Bm - Gm/A# -Home and free!
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