Alan Menken – Somewhere Thats Green chords

EbI know Seymour's the greatest
G/D Dbdim CmBut I'm dating a semi-sadist.
G/B Am7So I've got a black eye
D7 G C/G D/G And my arm's in a cast.
G, C/G, D/G
EbStill that Semore's a Cutie
G/D Db-dim CmWell, if not, he's got inner beauty
And I dream of a place Where we could be together at last
G9 C/GA matchbox of our own
D7sus D7 GA fence of real chain link,
Em G/DA grill out on the patio
A7/C# A7 C/DDisposal in the sink
D7 C/D, D7,
F/G G7 F/G A washer and a dryer
F/C C F#m7b5and an ironing machine
G/D D7susIn a tract house that we share
D7 G, C/G, D/G, GSomewhere that's green.
G9 C/GHe rakes and trims the grass
D7sus D7 GHe loves to mow and weed
Em G/DI cook like Betty Crocker
A7/C# A7 C/DAnd I look like Donna Reed
D7 C/D, D7,
F/G G7 F/G There's plastic on the furniture
F/C C F#m7b5To keep it neat and clean
G/D D7susIn the Pine-Sol scented air
D7 G, C/G, D/G, GSomewhere that's green
Eb F/EbBetween our frozen dinner
G/D D7 GAnd our bedtime, nine-fifteen
Em B/D# G/DWe snuggle watchin' Lucy
A7/C A7 D A7/C# DOn our big, enormous twelve-inch screen
G9 C/GI'm his December Bride
D7sus D7 GHe's Father, he Knows Best
Em G/DOur kids watch Howdy Doody
A7/C# A7 C/DAs the sun sets in the west
F/G G7 F/G A picture out of Better Homes
F/C C C#m-b7 and Gardens magazine
G/DFar from Skid Row
C9-D7I dream we'll go
Gsomewhere that's green.
C/G, D/G, G, C/G, D/G, G
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