Alanis Morissette – No Pressure Over Cappuccino tab


This is a slight correction from the last post I put up for this song.
I was reciently fooling around on my guitar, and found a better way to play
it.  It?s not a very big change, but it is slightly more accurate to the
actual version.

The intro goes like this:

e---0---0-----0-|---0---0-----0-|B---0---0-----0-|---0---0-----0-|G-9---9---9-9---|-8---8---8-8---| 2XD-9---9---9-9---|-9---9---9-9---|A---------------|---------------|E---------------|---------------|
Then the 1st verse, and outro go like this:
*Remember, these riffs aren?t EXACTLY what?s to be played, but mearly a accurate idea of how to strum. The second verse is strumed. The more accurate chords are:
1 2 3e-0--0--0--|B-0--0--0--|G-9--8--6--|D-9--9--7--|A-7--7--7--|E-0--0--0--|
*They are strummed in the same order as my last post - (1,2,3,2). The Bridge, I am still not 100% sure about, but this new way sounds a bit better.
A9 ?e-0--0--|B-0--0--|G-6--8--|D-7--6--|A-7--7--|E-5--x--|
BRIDGE: A9 ? You may never be nor have a husband. You will never have or hold a child. A9 ? You will learn to lose everything. We are temporary arrangements. A9 ?........ Hi yai yah da die, hi yai yah da die........ Then the ourto starts when everything settles down, right before Alanis sings "May God bless you in your travels..." The last strum in the song is unknown to me. I just play a barred A, on the 5th fret. There ya go! I hope that made things better. The chords and tab only slightly changed, which hardly matters at all. But when you?re playing with the album, it makes a noticable difference.
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