Alanis Morissette - Celebrity chords

BPM: 62
Intro: Dm   Gm  Dm    A

Dm Gm Dm AI have tasted stardom still before I breathed
My well-known hungry daddy modeled it for me And I have never left this ambitious city And I've only known a lust for VIP I have studied long and hard had to proceed Nothing but my name in bright lights called to me And I display the perfect amount of ennui I'll carve my face up if you'll indulge me
Dm Bb Dm A7Give me celebrity my kingdom to be famous
Tell me who I have to be starving to be famous
Dm Gm Dm ANever wonder who's pulling strings above me
Cause I'm aware of wheels, heels, and vintage Gucci I'm on my twentieth round of vitamin v And I'll cut my weight in two if you'll have me (Chorus)
Bb Am Bb C Am Bb Am Bb C Am DmLet me into this exclusive club, ignore my not so hidden agenda
Dm Gm Dm AI am a tatooed sexy damcing monkey
just aloof enough to get you to want me hoping my persona ingratiates me give my life for an opportunity (Chorus)
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