Alanis Morissette – Break chords

Intro: Gbm--Bm--E--Dbm

Gbm BmIndeed I
E Dbm Gbm Bmhave sucked it up to heights
E Dbm Gbm BmUnknown to those outside
E Dbm Gbm BmMy body has contained and suppressed
E Dbm Gbm Bm And swallowed and abetted, oh I
E Dbm Gbm BmOh I am a stranger to myself
E Dbm Gbm BmBeneath altruism dwells
E Dbm Gbm BmA force uncontended a voice that is tempered
E DbmToo boiled and unhindered
Gbm BmWho am I kidding?
E Dbm Gbm BmI am not some Mother Theresa
E Dbm Gbm BmIf I don't say something soon
E Dbm Gbm BmI will break from the weight of the high load I take
E DbmNooooo
Indeed I need my chance to fail Some room to unravel I need a chance to blame for two minutes Unbridled, unbrazened So I need imaginings of maiming Fantasies of outright screaming I need a chance to thrash for minutes Uncontained, unforgiving (Chorus)
D Dbm DI will move beyond, I'm certain of that
The sooner I go the quicker I'll be back I would not threaten or cause you any harm Have to get this out or my light will go out (Chorus)
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