Alarice - Sunday Afternoon chords

sunday Afternoon by Alarice

I tabbed this song after watching the video here

Capo 4th Fret. All chords relative to capo.

Intro: Relative to Capo---------|---------|---------|---------|---------------|---------------|---------|---------|---------|-5-------|-3-------------|-5-------------|-5-------|-4-------|-2-------|---------|---2-----------|---4-----------|---4---4-|---0---0-|---0---0-|---0---0-|-----0---0---0-|-----0---0---0-| (x2)-----3---|-----3---|-----1---|-----3---|-------1---1---|-------3---3---|---------|---------|---------|---------|---------------|---------------|
For the first part of the song, she strums (and palm mutes) the intro instead of picking them. Listen and watch the video to figure it out. Verse:
Am, Em. Cadd9, D (x2)For the 2nd D Chord, only play one upstroke and let ring
G, D, Em7, Cadd9 (x2)For the 2nd Cadd9 Chord, only play one upstroke and let ring
Chorus: G, D, Em7, Cadd9, G, D, Am7, D Back to plucking the intro. Bridge: Am, Em, Cadd9, D, (xx3211), (x43x20), D I'm not too sure about the (x43x20) chord used here. Maybe some one could correct it for me. First ever attempt at a tab so go easy with the comments. Cheers!
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