Alarm – 68 Guns tab

Song: 68 Guns
Artist: The Alarm
Hey everyone here's the chords for the 68 Guns by The Alarm
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G Bm 
  And now they're trying to take my  life away 
  C G D Dsus4 Dsus2 
  forever young I cannot  stay .           
  G Bm 
  On every corner I can see them  there 
  C G D Dsus4 
  They don't know my name they, don't know my  kin d    
  Bm C 
  They're after you with their  promises  (Promises of love) 
  Bm C C/B D Dsus4 
  They're after you to sign your li fe a way.        

  G Cadd4 
  68 guns will never  die 
  Bm D 
  68 guns our battle  cry, 
  C C/B Am C C/B Am 
  68  guns,         68  guns    

For living in the backstreets that's our home from home. 
The painted walls are all we've ever known 
And"The Guns Forever" that's our battle cry. 
It is the flag that we fly so high 
and every day they try to drag us down 
but I cry with anger I have done no crime. 

  G D Em G D Em 
          Up no the terrace I can hear the crowd roa r  (6 8 guns) 
  G D EM G D Em 
         And down in the subway I can hear  them whis pe r  (68guns) 
  Em Dsus2 
  Through all the raging glory of the  years 
We never once thought of the f ears 
  Bm Am 
For what we'd do when the battle  cry was  over. 

  G Dsus2 
Nothing lasts forever is  all they seem to  tell you 
when you're  young 
  C D 
Have no i llusion, no disillusion
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