Alarm – Rock And Roll chords

There is a version but it's in 1/2 step up and the chords aren't arranged into 
specific parts. This is based on the only video of it I found on youtube.
B G#m F# E B I was dreaming on the seventh day across a thousand years of time and space
B G#m F# E BThereAreStillSomeThingsThatMustBe spoken now that all the barriers are broken
E B C#m EA star man came down on my TV in a two-tone suit and silver shoes.
E B C#m ESix strings on a Twelve guitar, all my dreams are made of stars.
F# E BAnd the rock and roll still burns in me.
B G#m F# E BIt’sAlong way back from no return and on the way back down to the way back up
B G#m F# E BI metThe new wave sons still arising all the rent books have been left unpaid
E B C#m EYou can find me where I’ve always been, the faces change but not the dream
E B C#m EEach man kills the things he loves; I tore it down to build it up.
F# E BAnd the rock and roll still burns in me
B G#m F# E BRock and roll is still not dead, there’s still so much more left to be said
B G#m F# E BAll the lines are in my head I’ll leave the shaming to the dead
E B C#m E Ministers and superstars are drinking champagne in their cars,
E B C#m Esix strings on a twelve Guitar, all my dreams are made of stars
F# E BAnd the rock and roll still burns in me.
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