Albert Hammond – Your World And My World chords

Your World and my World
by: Albert Hammond 

C Em It isn’t easy to say goodbye,
Am C I try to understand the reason why
F C G my body’s shaking, my heart is aching within me.
C Em From my window I watch you go,
Am C he’s waiting for you in the street below,
F C G C his arms wide open, while mine are cold and so empty.
C F‘Cause your world and my world, they’ve drifted apart,
Dm - G G7 in yours the sun is shining, in mine it’s raining,
Cand I’m the only lonely one.
C FAnd your life and my life, they’ve gone separate ways,
Dm - G G7 in yours a new tomorrow, in mine just sorrow,
Cand I’m the only lonely one.
C Em2. Through the teardrops that cloud my eyes,
Am C I see the image of a love gone by,
F C G - G7 a silhouette that I won’t forget for a long time.
C Em The days are longer now that you’re gone,
Am C without your loving arms to keep me warm,
F C G C my future lies under cloudy skies with no sunshine.
+ CHORUS + G (2x) ….. (orig. = capo 3rd) (Albert Hammond)
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