Alberta Cross - Old Man Chicago chords


G COh, Old Man Chicago, having his own fun
G CLiving life if only you give him his own time
Am D Am DSo when your feelings comes howling, when you given it some time
Am D Am D G CFeelings come sliding, leave me on ocean, nothing but lies
G C G C G COh yes, you do now, oh, yes, you do now, oh, yes, you do now
Em D C GOh, they were millions, and we were just one
Em D C GIt’s just a heart for mine, having his own fun
Em D C GLeave us a friend, he’s living life, he’s lonely
Em D C G C G C G x3Leave us a friend, he’s just living life before me, now, yeah
G COh, old man of fortune, having his own cry
et cetera
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