Alceu Valenca - Morena Tropicana chords

Note: One or two of the chords aren't in the right place because it got messed up when i submitted
the tab, but it's very easy to figure out where the chord changes are by ear. In both pre choruses
play each chord once except for the last chord (D in pre chorus 1 and Bm in pre chorus 2)
which you play twice. Barre chords work best as they give this song a slow, reggae feel.

Intro: (Bm F#m Em F#m7 Bm)

Bm F#mDa manga rosa quero o gosto e o sumo
Em F#m7 BmMelao maduro, sapoti, jua
F#mJaboticaba, teu olhar noturno
Em F#m7 BmBeijo travoso de umbu caja
Pre Chorus:
A G DPele macia e carne de caju
A G DSaliva doce, doce mel, mel de urucu
Pre Chorus 2 (play twice):
C#m7 F#7 Bm Linda morena, fruta de vez temporana
Bm C#m7 F#7 Bm Caldo de cana caiana, vem me desfrutar
Bm F#mMorena tropicana, eu quero o teu sabor
Em F#m7 Bm oi, oi, oi, oi,
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